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Doing Business in Arizona

There are a lot of exciting opportunities for doing business in Arizona. The state has been getting increasingly popular with business owners and industrial leaders for quite some time now. The low tax burden when compared to other states is a large part of this popularity. Phoenix and Tuscon have seen especially large amounts of interest over the past few years. However, there are also a number of other things that draw business owners to Arizona.

Types of Industries Found in Arizona

Nearly any industry that you can imagine is found in Arizona to varying degrees. However, the mining, tourism, and manufacturing industries are by far the largest and most prominent here.


Arizona sees an average of 37 million tourists every single year. That means that tourism and the associated industries affected by tourism have great potential in Arizona. The food service and hospitality industries see the greatest deal of gain from the massive influx of tourists every year. Also, there are quite a lot of visitors to the various National Parks and National Monuments that can be found throughout Arizona.


Roughly 60% of the copper that is mined in the United States comes from Arizona mines. The mining industry has been a very large part of the economy in Arizona for generations and shows no signs of slowing down. The mining industry has been able to survive many different market fluctuations in mineral production due to the large number of different minerals that can be mined here.


The manufacturing industry in Arizona is exceptionally diverse. Businesses in Arizona manufacture a wide range of products and most of that manufacturing happens around Phoenix and Tuscon. The traditional manufacturing industry here has seen similar downturns that have been occurring throughout the country. However, production of computer components has seen a marked rise despite the downturn of other manufacturing sectors. Arizona also provides a number of incentives to help bring in manufacturing companies ranging from tax breaks to other business incentives.

Business Conventions

One of the largest and most important business conventions held in the Phoenix area every year is the American Association of Airport Executives conference. This conference sees a large number of executives coming together to trade ideas that end up having a major impact on airports throughout the country.

The International Business Symposium on Sustainability also holds its yearly meeting in Phoenix. This symposium is one of many sustainability-themed events in the Phoenix and Tuscon areas. As you might expect, water conservation is always a large component of the sustainability events here. Despite a general focus on water issues, environmental events in this area are not entirely limited to water.

Business Networking Events

Phoenix is known around the country for its vibrant business community. There are a number of networking events that you can attend on either a weekly or monthly basis here. There are even many yearly networking events that draw huge crowds.

Some of the more accessible networking events are the weekly ones. These draw a decent crowd of regular members as well as a lot of newcomers. You can use these weekly events to help yourself get accustomed to the business climate of the area while also gaining contacts that could be useful to you.

The Small Business Alliance holds a very popular weekly networking event in Phoenix. The event happens on Monday mornings and is attended by a wide range of business professionals. Unlike some other events, the Small Business Alliance Monday Morning Business Connections event is completely free to attend. You don't need to be a member of the Small Business Alliance to attend the meetings.

Arizona for Business

Arizona goes out of its way to help business owners find their niche in the state and is known as being one of the most business-friendly states in the US. While there are a lot of incentives, there are also a few different things that business owners need to keep in mind when they consider bringing their business to Arizona. For example, Arizona requires business owners to verify the legal status of employees before hiring them. Despite this, Arizona remains a very convenient place to do business.

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