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Doing Business in California

California is a leading industrial state that ranks first in nearly every category of general manufacturing. The city of San Francisco with their ship yards and flour mills was the state’s initial manufacturing center. Other major industries include computers, food processing, aerospace technology, agricultural products and machinery. The state's largest publicly owned corporations are computer and aerospace manufacturers.

The industrial workforce is located mainly in two major manufacturing centers located in the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. While the workforce is diverse, the majority produces electronic equipment, food, apparel, industrial machinery and transportation equipment. The motion picture industry, primarily based in Los Angles, generates an annual total of US$28b in receipts for payroll and suppliers while providing Californians with over 474,000 jobs. The tourism industry in the state provides approximately 700,000 jobs and brings in nearly US$61b in annual sales.

Each year California hosts thousands of business networking events and conferences that link people and businesses together to grow new business opportunities. With numerous convention centers spanning the state, several are award winning venues for business conferences and host numerous events, trade fairs, seminars and workshops.

Los Angeles

The climate and infrastructure in Los Angeles has enabled the city to emerge as a leading business center. Los Angeles is a powerful and influential city and is a large economic center. The city is also home to many renowned institutions covering a broad range of professional fields. Los Angles is a city driven by entertainment, aerospace, international trade, technology, fashion, petroleum and tourism. Other significant industries in the city include finance, media production, health care, telecommunications, law and transportation. There are over 477 fortune 500 companies with offices in LA.

The Small Business Expo is the major business event of the year for business professionals in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the most anticipated networking events. It allows business professionals to learn about products and services to help meet and exceed their business goals, as well as attend workshops and seminars. Networking opportunities in the city include World Trade Week, which features a breakfast that brings together California's trade community. The American Business Forum is a weekly event and features meetings in order to build business relationships.

San Diego

The renowned location, strong economy, great educational institutions and diverse population make San Diego a great place to do business. The city of San Diego's economy continues to undergo a vibrant transformation from one dominated by military and defense, to one propelled by technology and manufacturing. An important part of the economy is international trade. The third largest economic sector is tourism. The city consistently ranks high on vacation destination lists for international travelers.

In business, knowledge is power, and the Global Submit in San Diego offers an opportunity to network and learn. Another major event in San Diego is Cisco Live, which offers the opportunity to build knowledge, sharpen skills and connect with peers.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a distinctive and amazing metropolis with great ethnic and cultural diversity. The city of San Francisco is an important technology, financial and commerce center, as well as the center of global business. Economic activity attracts a range of industries including tourism. The city is a vibrant and successful business community, made of large and small thriving companies.

San Francisco hosts the Annual Technology Summit with featured speakers, interactive sessions and workshops. The business conference Finovatespring will also be hosted in San Francisco and will be a two-day showcase of new financial and banking innovations. A networking opportunity that meets once a month in San Francisco is Drink Entrepreneurs. This social networking event is a fun way to meet other entrepreneurs and is a popular event in over thirty cities.

Building a network of resources is one of the most important things for a business owner to do. A vast network of organizations exists in California and they include the Business Council, Economic Alliance, Economic Collaborative and the Industry and Commerce Association, as well as numerous specialty trade associations. The Chambers of Commerce in California are an influential organization that represents the combined resources of both individuals and businesses.

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