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Doing Business in Florida

The state of Florida is a popular tourist destination filled with famous landmarks and various points of interest that include the Florida Keys, the Kennedy Space Center, the Everglades National Park and Disney World. Florida is an innovative state and is well aware that businesses create jobs and generate economic growth. That is why Florida has an official organization called Enterprise Florida, which is dedicated to helping businesses locate, start up or expand in the state.

Florida is among the top five best states for businesses due to low operating costs and a pro business environment. The state ranks high in its infrastructure and workforce training. Additionally Florida is a leader in small business and entrepreneurship policy, as well as entrepreneurial activity. Florida is a leader in multiple high-tech sectors and is now ranked the fifth largest state for high-tech companies.

Traditionally the state's economy was dependent on agricultural products such as lumber, citrus, cotton and beef. Today, leading industries that also contribute to the economy include transportation equipment, aerospace, high technology particularly telecommunications, aerospace, international banking, space travel, industry and defense. Tourism also plays a significant role in the economy in Florida.


Miami's economy is based primarily on travel and tourism. In fact, not long ago the city became popular during the winter months when tourists from cold regions flocked to the city's beaches, hotels and vacation resorts. Today tourists visit Miami all year around and tourism is still the principle industry.

However, the Miami's economy has grown to be more diversified with trade and international banking sectors growing and becoming more fundamental. Miami represents the largest concentration of domestic and international banks on the East Coast. The city's close proximity to the Caribbean and Latin America makes Miami an international trade center among those areas. Now Miami is known as the gateway to America with over 1,000 multinational companies established in the region.

The Trade Center is the oldest organization in Florida and it is located in Miami. This organization assists members in introducing and expanding their international presence. The Beacon Council in Miami is responsible for recruiting new business to create jobs. This organization has many free services and promotes the many advantages of doing business in Miami including the many incentive programs and the favorable tax configuration.


The city of Orlando is famous for its leading entertainment attractions and theme parks, particularly Epcot and Walt Disney World. Behind the scenes of the city's entertainment and tourism industry is an energetic and diversified economy that has become a great deal larger. Among the most major sectors are manufacturing, aviation, distribution, film production, high technology, warehousing, aerospace and biotechnology.

The Economic Commission in Orlando attracts businesses by marketing the region as one of the top locations for businesses. The commission assists businesses with any business concerns. Their key services and support range from planning to expansion expertise to export counseling. Orlando aggressively provides inducements to companies and offers business incentives to businesses that are new or expanding.


Unquestionably the city of Tampa was once a one-industry town. The manufacturing of cigars and related activities were the most important aspect of the economy. Currently Tampa is quite different. Although still famous for their cigars, the city branched out and became the commercial, industrial and financial hub of the state's west coast. The future of Tampa is very promising due to its diversified economic base.

Emphasis was placed on fostering the growth of heavy industry and ever since the city has appealed to a wide variety of businesses, mainly those that are service orientated. Tampa is touted as the ideal location for regional headquarters for banking and financial firms, as well as various high-technology industries. In the future, the city is aggressively seeking to expand into medical technology, aerospace and international trade.

Tampa is not only known for its tourism attractions and cigars, but also for electronics, health care services, finance, food processing and agriculture. It may be interesting to learn that Tampa is also a flourishing agribusiness center. The city markets a large quantity of dairy products, vegetables, eggs, cattle and citrus fruits. As a result many related industries are attracted to the region.

The volume of businesses relocating to or expanding in Tampa has been growing since 2001. The Tribune credits this to the comparatively low cost of renting or buying commercial property. In addition, compared to cities of equivalent size, Tampa enjoys a lower cost of living. The future growth and success of businesses in the community is a common responsibility of numerous organizations in the region.

The Chamber of Commerce places economic development as a number one priority in its development of leadership training programs, educational programs, workforce initiatives and policy positions. This organization is committed to strengthen the foundation of businesses making them strong and united by supporting and helping them to grow and succeed.

Overall, the state of Florida has a lot of different business organizations that sponsor a multitude of business conferences and networking events. One major business event is the Small Business Leadership Conference where experts update attendees on economic developments in Florida. The Florida Green Conference is a main business event in the state. The conference is designed to focus on education, as well as networking to advance your business.

The majority of business organizations in the state focus on serving their members and enhancing their communities by building business success. The principle organization in the state is Enterprise Florida. It is a partnership among business leaders and the government and their mission is to increase profitable opportunities for all businesses in the state.

Industry specific organizations such as the Retailers Association and the Florida Dairy Association contribute to the growth of their industry and keep up with advances in the industry. General business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Planning Association provide plenty of opportunities to interact with other professionals in other industries. Every one of these organizations provides numerous networking opportunities for businesses, as well as also enhancing a company's business profile in the community.

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