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Doing Business in Illinois

The city of Chicago is centrally located and a thriving metropolis. The city offers simple access to the world with over 3,000 daily departure flights and six major railroads and interstates. Chicago is a central hub with an advantage in the overall costs involved in business ventures that does not exist in many global cities.

The city was named as being one of the most cost effective cities in the world for doing business. Chicago even came in ahead of Boston, New York and London in terms of major business operation cost components including things such as taxes, labor and utilities.

The city has one of the largest and most diversified economies. Chicago is an economic powerhouse with more than 410 corporate headquarters calling the city home. The economy thrives on manufacturing, distribution and transportation industries, as well as business and financial services and health services. Furthermore, the city is a leader in emerging industries that include green energy, research and development, and information technology industries. The city ranks high in output among their key industries. Therefore, one may be surprised to discover the variety of products made in Chicago.

Chicago's commercial office space, as well as industrial space, is highly competitive in terms of costs, meaning reduced overheads and a superior value. The cost per square foot for office rents and industrial space is lower in Chicago than many other major cities. Additionally, major utility companies in the city work hard to deliver low cost power and design packages that are extremely competitive to support sustainable growth.

The combination of easy access and diversity provides businesses with the resources to flourish. Alongside the support services, pro-business environment and unique opportunities for growth, Chicago offers a vibrant mix of educational, cultural and social amenities.

Chicago's business conferences and networking events can provide the perfect opportunity to meet new contacts that can help a business grow. McCormick Place in Chicago is the third largest convention center in the world and hosts a large number of exceptional business conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions every year.

Major business networking events in the city feature open networking luncheons on a regular basis, providing the opportunity to build brands, relationships and business. Business Network Chicago is a network for business professionals that offer both in person and online networking opportunities. Their mission is to bring professionals together to build win-win relationships that will promote the growth of businesses in Chicago.

A few major business conferences this year are the Exporting and Importing, Doing Business with India and the Outsourcing Conference. These conferences are offered to learn all about importing and exporting documentation procedures, learn the ins and outs of doing business with India, and how to set up outsourcing. The second annual Workforce Planning Conference takes place this year and concentrates on transforming business through planning and addresses organizational issues.

Brainstorm Chicago is a business conference that deals with issues related to business management decisions. The conference makes available a large amount of data to the participants to aid in achieving their business management objectives. The conference offers an excellent opportunity for the business community to share cutting edge research in all areas concerning the field of business decision management. The Business Innovation Conference is another major premier networking event in Chicago. This conference brings together leading innovation experts and business professionals to learn the science of innovation.

Major business organizations and additional networking opportunities in Chicago include Company of Friends, Growth Company Meetings, KnockNow, Leads Club, Networlding, Midwest Entrepreneurs forum and Le Tip International. Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce serves as the united voice of Chicago representing business interests and sponsors over 100 business events every year to ensure businesses stay connected. The Business Marketing Association is dedicated to advancing the marketing profession and connecting with peers. The Executive Club is one of the oldest business organizations in Chicago and reflects who’s who in the business world in the city.

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