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IT Project Management

Regardless of the size of the user base, number of major applications or server quantity, managing a company’s IT needs can be a struggle. That’s before large scale IT projects are even considered. It’s very easy to get bogged down in a sea of trouble tickets, business software requirements and fixes, and major upgrade projects. When this happens, deadlines are missed, customer service suffers and things break down. Proper IT project management is a must for even the smallest IT department. Software is available to cover the IT department’s project management needs, regardless of whether it’s a suite to track QA and software coding requests, long-term project planning software, computer networking or just a program to track the flow of helpdesk trouble tickets.

Tracking and Squashing Bugs

If your company uses internally-created applications, then development falls under the umbrella of your company’s IT department and bug tracking software is essential. Software suites like TestTrack Pro by Seapine or Atlassian Software’s Jira are two popular issue tracking applications. Both of these products offer a user friendly web interface so developers and programmers can record and track bugs, fixes and requests for new features quickly and easily. Both of these apps also allow the end user to enter requests themselves instead of calling or emailing developers. The same web interface that developers use to track issues can be utilized by end users to enter service requests and track these requests’ progress. It’s quite easy for developers to get overwhelmed by bugs and software upgrade requests in tech-heavy companies. IT project management software designed for programmers is crucial.

The Big Projects

Long-term upgrade projects, major new software or hardware rollouts and server room moves are just a few of the many large-scale projects that IT departments face all the time. Projects like these are known for having multiple steps and complex moving parts, and they must be kept organized. IT project management software like Microsoft Project and 37 Signals Software’s Basecamp can be used to manage these projects very effectively. Long term projects can be compartmentalized according to individual responsibilities, milestones, project requirements and specific goals in order to break them down into manageable pieces. Big projects can easily intimidate even the best IT departments. IT project management software helps these departments organize projects and formulate a plan to execute their project efficiently.

Helping the Helpdesk

Every day, helpdesks everywhere are inundated with calls and emails from end-users with hardware breakdowns, software crashes, new equipment requests and any number of other issues. Helpdesk trouble ticket tracking software like Track-It and Footprints by Numara, Best Practical Solutions’ Request Tracker and Mojo Helpdesk by Metadot are just a few of the many helpdesk tracking suites available. Helpdesks on a budget can even use Outlook with custom forms and public folders for issue tracking. Regardless of the method, helpdesk software allows proper IT project management to take place for for busy helpdesks. Tickets can be entered, prioritized and tracked through all aspects of troubleshooting. This not only allows a helpdesk to organize and track service requests, it also creates a knowledge base to ensure faster fixes in the future. Helpdesk software ensures a much more efficient service desk, meaning less downtime for users and less lost productivity for the company.

IT project management software is vital to maintaining an effective IT department. Technology departments are always busy, especially as businesses become more reliant on advanced hardware and software. Software packages for tracking helpdesk tickets, working on application bugs and managing long-term IT projects are crucial for IT departments and web designers in busy companies to remain proactive and stay ahead of problems and projects. An effective IT department leads to a more effective business.

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