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IT Services encompasses the broad field known as Information Technology. With the tremendous growth of the Internet and the many ongoing improvements in computers, telecommunications and software development, this is a burgeoning area, and the assistance of a wide spectrum of disciplines will be required now and into the foreseeable future.

To maintain the massive infrastructure needed to perpetuate the World Wide Web, constant upgrades will take place on the wide array of networks that provide the myriad of services of this phenomenon that we call the Internet.

The many categories of professionals working in the IT field can look forward, even in such a gloomy economy, to countless opportunities from which to choose. Web Developers, Network Engineers, HTML Developers and Logistics personnel will find jobs at places as high as multi-national corporations and down to the mom and pop grocery store.

With opportunity comes increased competition. Those that do not continue to study the latest technologies and improvements in their chosen field could easily be left behind. Yet with the ever expanding pool of new job descriptions, one must also be careful not to stray too far afield.

Our time is finite. But the exponential increase of IT Services tasks require enhanced specialization. One example of this need is a firm that concentrates strictly on network cabling. The technologies of connecting network wiring systems have changed. Now fiber optic cable is preferred. Cat (Category) 6 cable will outperform the Cat 5e and standard Cat 5 cables.

The new wireless networks may at first glance appear to render even the cables themselves obsolete. Yet this is not the case. The wireless networks for the most part rely on the wired networks to acquire their transmission signals. The wireless networks also often lack the security and speed of the wired network.

Therefore wired computer networks will still play a huge part in today's and tomorrows IT and ITC infrastructure. Yet the wireless networks growing presence may serve as a wake-up call to those in the network cabling business. It is probably true that most concerns specializing in network cabling now also offer wireless networking services.

This example is instructive because the network cabling firm must keenly observe events and emerging developments in wireless technologies. In this way they can assess how much or how little they need to invest in expanding their services into the wireless category. In time, though not apparently soon, due to the nature of the infrastructures supporting the various networks, there is a possibility that the entire service of network cabling may become obsolete.

To hedge against this somewhat remote possibility, cabling companies that expand their services to include wireless networks may have an advantage over those network cabling companies that choose not to support this emerging technology.

As another example we may consider those steeped in HTML developing. Should some unforeseen innovation occur that makes Java the preferred development tool, they also could be out of a job. Even out of a career. Those software developers who only worked with MS-DOS would seem to have been left far behind in this 21st century.

There can be a fine line between specialization and blindness to the changing developments in ones area of expertise. With the lightning development of new technologies and methods, one can wake up on any given day to find that their chosen field is obsolete. In order to avoid this, a constant widening of interests is dictated, while at the same time maintaining a realistic focus on our finite energies.

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