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Doing Business in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is famous for their health care sector. The state is a leader in both the life sciences and in biotech. Massachusetts is also well-known for their financial institutions from John Hancock to Fidelity. In addition, the state has a multitude of top-notch universities. Just in the city of Boston, there are more than 65 colleges and universities alone. Statewide 17 higher learning institutions are ranked in the top 100 in the country. Just within Boston there are 6 out of the 17 top ranking institutions.

When thinking about the economy in Massachusetts, it is natural to think healthcare, higher education and banking. However, even with the dramatic development in these sectors, the economy is significantly more diverse in Massachusetts. The state employs over 3 million workers. Manufacturing is growing in Massachusetts. During the first six months of 2011, manufacturing establishments added more jobs than most other sectors combined. Major industries in Massachusetts include education, research, medicine, printing, finance, tourism, commercial fishing and food processing, as well as government.


Boston is a leading city of national and international commerce and industry. Boston is perhaps one of the most wealthy, influential and historic cities in the United States. The city is also a top tourist attraction. Tourism in the city is a year round industry and hosts millions of visitors every year. Every day individuals from all around the world arrive in Boston to do business. The city of Boston has an active business community that includes large, mid and small businesses. With a strong economy and a diverse workforce, the city of Boston poised for continued success in fostering new enterprise.

In the past, Boston was foremost in the shoe and textile industries. Although these industries have suffered they still remain significant contributors to the cityís economy. Employment has shifted over the past decade to technology and service from the traditional manufacturing jobs. Bostonís economy primarily consists of business services, technology, finance services, educational institutions, defense and medical institutions.

The financial district in Boston has numerous major banks and education is a thriving sector of Bostonís economy. The mixture of being home to renowned universities and having a diverse economy provides businesses in Boston with highly educated workers and the resources to thrive. Increasingly companies are discovering new opportunities for growth in Boston, due to the exciting mixture of tradition, education and services.

Professional business events, conferences and workshops in Boston offer the ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and showcase their business. The Boston Convention Bureau provides meetings, conventions and information for doing business in Boston. There are two major convention centers in the city. The first and largest is Bayside Expo and the second major center is John Hynes, which is right in the heart of the city. Both centers host a huge assortment of business conferences and networking events in Boston.

The Office of Business Development in Boston provides key resources to support business development. They also offer various programs to help entrepreneurs with financial aid, referral services and technical support. They also sponsor many business events designed for training and education and publish journals that cover a variety of business topics. There are numerous upcoming business conferences in Boston attracting hundreds of highly skilled professionals interested in emerging technology. HubSpot's annual conference focuses on how to energize marketing.

Professionally organized networking events in Boston create opportunities for profitable business connections through fun and interesting events. Major networking events in Boston feature all types of events from after work mixers to networking dinners. These events make it possible to meet professionals from all around the region.

A Key business organization in Boston is the Small Business Association, which is a good resource for businesses that need help. Their mission is to strengthen the economy by assisting the interests of businesses. This organization can assist with business startups and help find financing for expansion and growth. Another major organization is the Chamber of Commerce. This valuable organization has over 1,900 local business memberships. The Chamber sponsors business events and programs with the sole purpose of economic growth for the whole business community in Boston.

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