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Doing Business in New York City

From majestic mountains to vineyards to major cities the state of New York has just about everything. New York is a major manufacturing state of a variety of goods including clothing, wine and electrical products. New York City is a major focal point for culture and arts. The city is also a major financial hub and continues to be the global headquarters for finance, entertainment, media, telecommunications and manufacturing.

Hundreds of corporations make New York City their home from advertising to finance to insurance. The city is a melting pot of both industries and businesses. New York City leads the country in the overall total of fortune 500 companies with offices in the city. The city’s has a large publishing industry with an abundance of printing plants that employ well over 12,000 workers. The clothing industry is based in the Garment District, where hundreds of factories provide work for 100,000 workers.

Recently, new media and the high tech industries have gained a foothold in the city. The city offers thousands of miles of fiber optics, which allow for businesses to communicate worldwide. Life Science is seeing an increase in activity as three primary pharmaceutical companies have now relocated to Manhattan. Also, contributing greatly to the economy is tourism. Film and television production constitutes another growth industry with approximately 149 studios supporting the it. In addition, there are three out of the five major recording labels based in New York. Items produced in New York include, machinery, chemicals, paper products, apparel, furniture, food products, published goods and textiles.

The Business Improvement District partnership reflects that the city acknowledges the value of small business. Manhattan has one of the largest business districts in the world. New York has many local and state programs and resources available to help businesses with finding space, accessing capital, finding qualified employees and lowering operation costs that enable growth. Alongside being a global center for fashion, politics and tourism, New York City is an important and influential city that offers many amenities such as prominent dining establishments, renowned theatres, historic museums, famous skyscrapers and the skyline.

New York area business events offer the chance to network and make new contacts that can help a business succeed. The Javitz Center is referred to as the marketplace for the world and hosts many business conferences for the city including the NY Expo, which is one of the largest business conferences in the Northeast. A major business conference and networking event in New York for business professionals is the Business Expo held at the Penn Plaza Pavilion. It is a highly anticipated event and considered to be the business opportunity of a lifetime.

This business event is a way for professionals to discover new services and innovative products that will assist them in exceeding their business goals and also meet other industry professionals. It is known in the business world of New York that attending this conference is a must.

Business owners and leaders from around the state are expected at the National Business Opportunity conference in Brooklyn. This conference focuses on showing businesses how to survive an economic downturn. Networking events take place every day in New York, such as the New York City SOUP Networking Mixer, which allows entrepreneurs to meet new contacts and clients in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. These events consist of hundreds of successful business professionals representing large and small companies around the city all interested in building business relationships and opportunities.

There are countless benefits and opportunities associated with business organizations in New York. They include professional networking to promote business and alliance building opportunities to generate business leads, as well as legislative advocacy and many other benefits. The Chamber of Commerce in Manhattan is a major membership organization comprised of businesses and corporations that represent over 100,000 companies. The organizations’ goal is to educate and support the business community. They also sponsor numerous business events to bring professionals together. The organizations’ business referral group is a great networking tool. Professionals in the group can generate and receive referrals for each other.

Other significant business organizations in New York include the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and the Economic Alliance organization, both of which benefit everyone who does business in New York. Additionally, there are numerous business and trade organizations and merchant organizations all dedicated to assisting businesses and transforming the lives of those who transform the world.

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