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Doing Business in Ohio

The state of Ohio was ranked number fourth in the country in 2009 for having a great business climate. Ohio has five of the 115 top colleges in the nation and the state is a center of science and industry, with several devoted museums. Ohio has numerous historically sturdy industries that include banking, manufacturing of automobiles, research, insurance and steel production. Primary industries include energy, aerospace, logistics, professional services and manufacturing. More traditional industries are agriculture, which employs one out of every seven people living in Ohio and developing sectors such as food processing, green, bioscience and information industries.

The state is a big manufacturer of rubber and plastics and has a large bioscience sector. In addition, the state ranks exceptionally high for its green economic growth. Ohio is a leader in machine manufacturing, a leading steel producer and a pioneer in the production of cars and automotive parts. Nationally the state is recognized as the fuel corridor, while the city of Cleveland is recognized as a research hub for regenerative medicine, Cincinnati a merchant hub and Columbus a development hub.

The small business council gave Ohio a ranking of number 10 for having a business friendly tax system. A strategic location and generous business incentives are just a few of the many advantages that make the state of Ohio a good place for businesses to prosper. Besides the states low cost of doing business, the state creates a balance between work and life, where one can achieve both personal and professional success without any sacrifices.


The geographic location of Columbus, Ohio and the economic diversity make the city an ideal location for business operations. Diversity is what makes the city strong. Columbus is a city that is all about business, but it is also a vibrant city filled with Broadway shows, comedy and live music. Major industry sectors include finance, health care, manufacturing, insurance and information technology. The city offers a desire to assist businesses with expansions, retentions and relocations, a stable economy and a great location.

The many business conferences, networking events and business organizations in Columbus provide a venue to learn about various business issues and create new business contacts. One of the main business events in Columbus is the annual Chamber Clambake, which draws top leaders in business from around the region. This event is always a major opportunity to network and build business connections. Other major business events include ecology and growth summits, logistics connections, retaining talent conference and seminars on a variety of business subjects. All of these business events are designed to engage, learn and connect.


Cincinnati's economic base includes education, manufacturing, insurance services, health services, finance, retail trade and transportation. The city is nationally known for its playing cards and soap products. There are ten major companies that have established headquarters in Cincinnati and over 350 more maintain operations in the city.

Cincinnati has a lot of business events sponsored by various organizations and are designed to gain advice and guidance from other industry professionals. Several local business organizations offer support and assistance to businesses. Traditional networking groups in Cincinnati might include civic associations, Small Business Association, eNetwork, Ladies who lunch and Chamber of Commerce meetings.


The geographic location of Cleveland being near major waterways has been the key to its growth. Both the Erie and Ohio Canals combined with rail links helped set up Cleveland as a foremost center for business. Cleveland's primary economic sector is diversified manufacturing with a base of general heavy industry. Emerging sectors include insurance, services industry, retailing, commercial banking, transportation, health and utilities. Cleveland serves as center of operations to more than ten fortune 500 businesses, which are non industrial and industrial companies. Also there are over 125 international companies based in the city, as well.

There are many interesting business events in and around Cleveland. The entrepreneur seminar series is a major four day conference for the business community filled with workshops, networking sessions and presentations. The business network is a group of professionals who have conferences monthly to find new customers and get advice on how others achieved success and give support.

Networking lunches are a popular event in Cleveland, as well as networking after hours. The lunches were designed specifically to meet other people in a casual environment and everyone is more than welcome to attend the luncheons whether you own a small business, an internet business or a network marketer. Dozens of professionals meet for business after hours networking events to meet other professionals in the area.

The Cleveland Partnership is an organization that links businesses with a variety of assistance and can provide access to business incentives and training programs. Other key organizations in Cleveland include the Presidents club, the Cleveland Roundtable, the Urban League and the Growth Association. Additionally the Neighborhood Progress organization is a key organization that offers low interest funds to develop neighborhoods in the city.

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