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Doing Business in Texas

The business climate in the state of Texas is hard to beat due to many positive features that include low taxes, a fair legal system, infrastructure, great quality of life and an extremely skilled workforce. The major industries in the state of Texas are biotechnology, farming, energy, banking, natural gas, insurance, steel, petroleum, manufacturing and the tourism industry. The state of Texas offers competitive initiatives for companies who drive innovation and create jobs. Small businesses in fact are the key to Texas' well-being. They bring new products, vibrant ideas and creative services to the market.


Dallas possesses a diverse environment for businesses. Major industries include information technology, transportation, defense, telecommunications, and financial services. Other key business sectors include tourism, as well as real estate. Almost 80 percent of the businesses in Dallas are classified as a small business. These businesses supply a significant number of jobs for the city, employing nearly 40 percent of the overall labor force. The metropolis holds approximately 43 percent of Texas' high-tech workforce. Additionally, the city is headquarters for several companies that have at least one billion in revenues yearly.

Major business events, trade shows, conferences and fairs are abundant in Dallas. The spark and hustle business conference is held annually and helps aspiring business entrepreneurs to grow their business. The host of the conference has built a multi-million dollar business and is wild about success for all small businesses. Another major event is the leadership conference. This event specifically addresses developing skills that are necessary for leadership. During the conference presidents, managers, leaders and individuals meet and share ideas and gain knowledge for their leadership role.

A great networking event is the U.S. Business Conference in Dallas. This three day conference is an ideal event for meeting other professionals from all over the nation, whether you're developing a professional network or already have a large network developed. A weekly networking luncheon is a popular event in Dallas. At this networking event food is enjoyed while networking with business professionals. This type of networking event provides the perfect opportunity to endorse your business, as well. There is a different guest speaker each week and a variety of business topics are discussed.

Business organizations in Dallas are designed to help the business community achieve their goals. The list is endless, however major business organizations include the Chamber, Executives Association, Quality Foundation and the National Business Society.


Houston is a region with an excellent business climate with the resources required that are essential for growth. Top industries include energy, manufacturing, health care, aerospace and information technology. Houston is home to numerous technology, energy, aeronautics, and manufacturing companies. The city is renowned for world class health care and medical research. The energy industry thrives in Houston as three out of five major energy companies have large operations and company headquarters in Houston.

Houston is a city with many major business conferences, training seminars and conventions and all focusing on different aspects of business. The Small Business Association host several business conferences throughout the year, topics vary, but focus on building a successful business.

Networking events take place every day in Houston. One of the biggest networking events in the region is sponsored by Houston Networking News. This event provides the opportunity for all areas of the city to get together and meet professionals from all over the region. The annual business fair is a major networking event that is very successful.

A major organization is the Houston Partnership. This organization is an advocate of the business community and is dedicated to building economic prosperity. They have over 2,000 members and hundreds of business events each year. Being a member provides great networking opportunities, priceless research data and a wealth of benefits and resources.


Plano, Texas, is the home of the headquarters for a number of global businesses. Additionally the city is home to various manufacturers and small businesses, as well as a variety of industries. Energy and digital media have recently blossomed in the region. Leading employers, just to name a small number, include Alliance Data, Cinemark Holdings, JC Penny and Dr Pepper. Other corporations with a foremost presence are Frito Lay, Capital One, McAfee, Ericsson, Dell and PepsiCo. An extraordinary number of entrepreneurs have launched thriving businesses.

The premiere business convention venue is the Plano Center. A major weekly networking event worth getting up for is the Business Interchange. The business development event provides an opportunity to join business professionals to learn about issues that are important to a successful business. Power Networking is a unique and extremely popular business conference that helps to generate leads and opportunities.

Major business originations include Plano Economic Development, The Ambassador Club, Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Development, Collin County and Plano Convention Center. All of the organizations provide resources to maximize performance through education, networking and advocacy.

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