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Doing Business in Virginia

State of Virginia

The State of Virginia and two of its five largest cities have a distinct location advantage. What is the tried and true real estate term signifying greater worth? It is “Location, Location, Location!”. Virginia has the advantage of being on the Atlantic Coast offering easy access to international commerce. Arlington and Richmond have a strategic advantage in being close to Washington, DC and Richmond is also the state capital. There are three major geographical areas in Virginia and industries are mainly local to each area:

1. Piedmont - Technology, federal and state government, farming and textiles
2. Valley and Ridge - Farming and coal mining
3. Tidewater - Shipbuilding, tourism and federal military installations.

Arlington, Virginia

Arlington is the fourth largest city in Virginia and is more appropriately called Arlington County. It abuts Washington, DC, is the home of the Pentagon and has an economy heavily dependent on the federal government, the military and the many businesses contracting with the federal government. Arlington has maintained a low unemployment rate despite the last few years of economic downturn.

The majority of jobs available in Arlington are centered in the service industry. Twenty percent of the jobs in this community are in the professional, scientific and technical fields. Construction is also in demand with ten percent of jobs going to this industry.

Employees in these fields are offered many networking and learning opportunities including the free Cafe Scientifique, the Small Business Conference and for those looking to export or trade internationally there is the free The Nuts and Bolts: Global E-Commerce hosted by the US Export Assistance Center and the United States Postal Service.

Richmond, Virginia

Founded in 1737, Richmond is the capital of Virginia and ranks as its fifth largest city. There are many international firms located in Richmond representing 28 countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France and Germany.

Business and Trade Organizations in Richmond

Some of the organizations based in Richmond are:

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